About us

At Magmentis we help your learners become great thinkers.

We are not simply a software publisher - we excel at being your strong educational partners and assistants throughout the course of your young persons' education.

At Magmentis your learners' priorities are our mission. We strive to help you prepare your learners to face the challenges of an increasingly difficult world.

We care deeply about the development of learners' minds. We are leaders and experts in our field. We know from experience just how difficult it can be to educate and how to best approach these difficulties.

Because of this, we focus on our uniquely effective educational strategy which is based on our three founding principles:

• Experience and expertise: our team has more than twenty years of experience in developing educational resources and apps with global reach and appeal. This empowers us to care for the the needs of educators and learners from more than 100 countries.

• Interaction: we create uniquely engaging, fun to use products without distracting from the core learning concepts we aim to provide. All of our products are specifically designed with the support of experts in education in order to provide you with resources that follow our ethics of creating powerful, interactive, fun and easy to use apps for your kids.

• Innovation: the world is changing constantly - moving forward more quickly than ever before. This is why at Magmentis we constantly tune the skills of our teams to excel with the latest technological and educational developments in order to provide you and your learners with the best possible resources optimized for the devices you use now and will use well into the future.

We are proud to believe that our resources engage learners to become great thinkers, empowering them to look at the world with a greater perspective and in more creative, immediately useful and applicable ways.

Should you have further enquiries about us or our resources, please feel free to contact us on our contact page.